Young Indian Girls Forced Into Prostitution Find Freedom and Hope Through Word of GOD


Many Young Girls in India are sold to Brothel homes for Prostitution, to support their families. Some of them are finding Freedom and Hope of Life in Christ.

One of Such Girls is Tehmina. Tehmina is from the southern part of India, who was forced by her family, to become a Temple prostitute to earn money. “Her Father would take her out at midnight, looking for customers. At day time, her mother taker her on the streets.”, an indigenous ministry Leader tells the Christian Aid Mission (CAM). “By her earnings, the whole family would be taken care of”.

By the amazing Grace of God,  Tehmina’s mother came to faith in Jesus Christ. She started to teach the Love of God to Tehmina. This brought a restoration to her daughter’s life. Jesus Christ made a difference to her. Tehmina was then entrusted to Christian Aid Mission, which supported her schooling and monthly expenses. Eleven years later, Tehmina returned home to take good care of her mother and also to attend college.

“In many houses, when mother is practicing Prostitution at night time, the children have to go under the bed and hide themselves”, the leader says. “These young ones do not even have safety at home because of their mother’s profession. They are exposed to a lot of Horror, at a very tender age. So, the Ministry seeks to give them a safer place where they are protected, study and be loved”.

The Christian Aid Mission is not just filling their stomachs, but are also sharing the Good news with them.


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