You Can Burn Down Our Churches, But You Can Never Touch Our Faith.


Attacks on Christian churches & innocent Christians have seen great increase in the country since the BJP came to political power in the centre. These growing attacks are a sign of intolerance and an attack on secularistic principles of the country.

The BJP supported Hindutva wings like RSS, Bajrang Dal, Sri Ram Sena and other extremist organisations are attacking and threatening the Christian Pastors from sharing the gospel. However, Indian Constitution clearly allows Freedom of Religion and to propagate their respective faith and religious beliefs in the country. Sadly this has seen a steep decline in the last 2 years of BJP governance.

pastor made to sit on a donkey

Many pastors have been attacked, churches have been damaged in chhattisgarh state of India. Almost 6 attacks have been reported in as many weeks in chhattisgarh. Christians in the country are now feeling insecure, as they are killed and threatened by these left wings. Prime Minister himself issued statements to protect the christians and minorities. Orissa has seen the worst of these cases and pastors have been killed and assaulted.

Recently, In Uttar Pradesh a Christian pastor is being given a donkey ride after shaving his head in half. This inhuman act was done by the activists of a youth organization, Hindu Yuvavahini Bajrag Dal.


Damaging and ransacking churches will not unsettle Christians from their faith, as Christ said, I will live in you and your body is the temple of the holy ghost. As per Bible, church is not a building or a construction, but church is the body of church and We are the body of christ.

By resorting to these above activities, they are only spreading hate and promoting anti-nationalistic movements. “You Can Burn Down Our Churches, But You Can Never Touch Our Faith”. We are strong and united and we’ll move forward in one accord to take the gospel of christ to the lost in the country. Nothing can stop us from doing so, Jesus said ‘If you can’ ! All things are possible for one who believes.”

We believe and move forward with the Cross Before us and the World Behind us in Christ Jesus.



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