Yazidi Women, The Largest Christian Community in Iraq was Raped everyday for 7 months.


An ex slave held by the terror group Isis for seven months has described her captors as “not like humans”. She was captured from the northern Kurdish community of Iraq, referred as Yazidis, was raped before her children everyday for 7 months.

Yazizi, a largest christian community has been witnessing unimaginable pain in the hands of Islamic State terrorists. The 25-year-old woman, who has four children, was held by jihadists in Syria where she says she was abused every day by her captor. She said her children were beaten to make sure she did as she was told, adding: “I was so worried that he [her captor, known as Omar] would take away my children. said in a report to Sky News.

“One of these people came up to me, he wanted to take me, I was absolutely petrified. He forced me to serve as part of his military faction.

“He humiliated me every day. He forced me to wear clothes that didn’t cover my body. I was tortured. Christians have also been targeted for their faith. The country’s largest Christian city was all but abandoned on Thursday, as Isis advanced through minority communities in the north-west, as reported in The guardian.

Watch this Video, Vian Dakhil an MP from IRAQ cries in the parliament explaining the atrocities, yazidi women face in the hands of ISIS everyday. May God Protect them, In Jesus name, Amen.



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