Women Preacher from Redeemed Church is Hacked to Death by Muslims in Nigeria


Pastor Eunice Elisha, the wife of a Redeemed Church Pastor was murdered in cold blood in the early hours of Saturday July 9th by suspected Muslim fanatics while evangelizing around Gbazango and Pipeline area of Kubwa, a satellite town in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Later, two of their sons, who had been practising football, heard that a christian woman had been killed while preaching in the locality by local muslim fanatics.
Eunice Elisha Body
“I told my children that it couldn’t be their mother, but they insisted we should go there and check,” Elisha said . “When we got there, we didn’t see anybody, they had even covered her blood with sand.” The look was pretty scary and gruesome, they said to a local news paper.
“At the entrance of the police station I saw a pickup van coming out,” Elisha said. “Inside it I saw the lifeless body of my wife at the back of the pickup van. At this point, my children and I burst into tears.”
Eunice Elisha was 42. Her surviving husband called her a zealous Christian who “rarely missed a day in church”.
Asked how he felt about the murder of his wife and her killers, Olawale said: “I see her as a martyr who died for Christ. Whether the people are caught or not, they should be forgiven.”
 Police have arrested six suspects, and an investigation continues.


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