Who is called a Christian, as per the Constitution of India

Who is Called a Christian as per the Constitution of India
Who is Called a Christian as per the Constitution of India

A Person is called a Christian (As per Indian Constitution) when he is a Baptized only. If he is not baptized then he is considered to be of his forefathers’ caste might be “Hinduism”.

So simply if a person goes to church or reads The Bible or follows Christianity is not considered as Christian unless he is a Baptized. As per the current census the government of Andhra Pradesh, the Christian population is very meagre. This is because people only go to church but refrain from getting baptized and be recognized as Christians.

These days many government or non government organizations are considering “The Baptism certificate” issued by the local church. Christians are divided into many categories such as Christians (OC), Christians (BC-C) and all other community people who ever have converted their religion may be considered as Christian and the sub caste may be their previous one.

But unfortunately Dalith Christians in India are facing critical conditions and lot of injustice in regards to their caste and religious affairs.

As per The Indian Constitution, if any Dalith community people convert into Buddhism their sub caste remarks as Dalith Only and religion will be mentioned as Buddhism. But astonishingly if any Dalith Hindu converts his religion to Christianity his sub caste will not be Dalith anymore but categorized as Backward Class, thus losing the benefits provided to them. All Christian organizations should come to one dias and protest the discrimination meted out to the Dalith Christians.



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