Unemployment is Much in Christianity, Says Report


Recently a detailed survey has been conducted by the Union Government of India i.e 2011 as per religions wise. The survey was done by National sample survey department. The unemployment rate of Christians stands at 5.9 percent in cities and towns, and 4.5 percent in villages in 2011-2012, says a report from Delhi.

Unemployment in Christians

a report in Telugu Newspaper. Telangana & Andhra Christians-

Let us analyze the reasons for Christian unemployment. Looking back in history tells us that Christians are always neglected by the Kings, Zamindars/Jagirdars and all other Indian Governments. The Britishers showed great love and mercy towards Christians during their rule in the country. They constructed schools, hostels, hospitals etc for Christian people and taught modern education to the community. After the Independence the new Indian government was formed and these governments which ruled the country never really allotted proper budget for the same.

At the time of framing the Indian constitution, they have made a bill that Daliths who accepts Christianity, will thereafter fall under Backward class (BC) category and not Scheduled Caste (SC) anymore. What discrimination? If anyone changes their religion, would his/her subcaste be affected? It happened only with Christianity, and they implemented this to stop the growing exodus of people from other religions to Christianity.

Recently the Christian finance corporation has been formed and initially the budget was mere 35 lakhs. Is it possible to develop a caste which is neglected for decades with just the above amount? Even in villages the dalith Christians are living where they are treated as untouchables.


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