Son was ‘Brought in Chains’ by Mother; ‘Broken by Jesus’ in Gospel Meeting in Odisha


The testimony of Mahesh proves that “With God all things are possible”. Mahesh was mentally ill for many years and this created much trouble for his mother and family members. He could not understand what was told to him and neither could he respond. Family and friends started to avoid him because of his disorder.

Jesus Calls Ministries have been conducting prayer festivals in each state and this time the prayer festival was in Odisha. Mother and Son both of them attended the Jeypore prayer festival, and considering the Son’s situation, she brought him locked in chains tied around his wrist and leg.

As Pastor Dhinakaran started preaching the word, he prayed for healings and God told him that someone in the crowd will have a new brain and God is touching him. As the prayer finished, Mother started noticing his Son speak and behave normally and he was doing well. She immediately, realised that God touched her son and he is healed of his mental disorder.

She came forward to testify the healing of his son, she came to the pulpit and the son was still in chains locked around the wrist. Ps. Dhinakaran prayed prayed over him again and this time he was normal. Mahesh said ” I am Feeling Well”., when asked by Paul Dhinakaran to open the lock, mother said she lost the key since she thought he’d never be well again. Truly Nothing is Impossible with God.

Brought in chains, Broke by God – Testimony of Mahesh.



Posted by Dr. Paul Dhinakaran on Sunday, 5 June 2016


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