Son of Radical Imam Reveals ISIS plan to Murder Christians using Chainsaws


ISIS has a cowardly plot to kill Christians. They kill Christians through bombings and publicly cutting their heads off.  But this time, they have a plan of beheading and killing them using Chainsaws.

A teenage son of  radical Imam has revealed this plan to  The Mirror.  The teen informed the police about the plot when he was arrested for walking down a street in Belgium and calling in Arabic for the murder of Christians. He was the son of radical Imam Shayh Alami, from Verviers, One of the most vital breeding grounds for Islamists.

The teenager has been caught by the police in the short video, walking in the streets, cursing Christians and calling and calling for their deaths. He uncovered the plan to the police that ISIS is already busy recruiting people to conduct an attack. The attack would be done on a Shopping place, using Chainsaws.

Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken, was shocked and immediately moved to expel the Imam together with his son, immediately.

“I already signed the order to remove the Imam from Belgian soil. But he appealed the decision, so I can only hope for a quick sentence,” Theo Francken said.  “Clearly radicalism runs in the family.”

Mean while, The National Organisation of Church Security & Safety Managementtold One News Now that U.K. and U.S. churches must be ready for attacks that may be carried out by of ISIS. “Having a person who is armed and can respond in deadly force may be an option. If it does happen, we’re prepared; if it doesn’t happen, all glory to God,” he added.


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