Shreya Kant – SINGING FOR THE LORD from the age of 6, inspiring millions of Christians in India!

Shreya Kanth
Shreya Kanth

Shreya Kant is a popular gospel singer from the northern part of India and her songs are being a buzz in the country and also around the World. This young singer mostly sings in Hindi, English and Punjabi and listening to her voice feels just like Heaven on Earth. She has been singing for the Lord since last six years and has already become a role model to many young believers in Christ, winning many hearts and souls for Jesus, with her wonderful worship.

It all started when her father had accepted Jesus Christ. She has never read the Bible till then, but she started reading her Father. The changes that Jesus Christ brought in her Father’s life has inspired Shreya. At the tender age of thirteen, she submitted herself to the Lord and that’s when her life had changed.

Ever since she got to know Jesus, he made her to love herself for what she is. All her anger and guilt that ruined her teenage have been vanished and she has become a new creation in God. She not only sings for God, but also shares her testimony and preaches the word of God, through the YouTube. Being a powerful instrument of God, Shreya Kant is indeed an inspiration to us.

“Ibadat karo Uski” is one of her best albums that brought Shreya kant into the spot light. Some of her other albums include: Jaanch LiyaMERA YESUAzeem baadsha,Main Mandir hoon Tera,AASARA MIL GAYA etc.

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