Raped & Tortured, but Being a Christian Stopped Me From Committing Suicide, says Victim’s Daughter


The victim’s daughter said, “I felt dirty and worthless, the result of sin, I thought about ending my life with a bottle of pills, but being a CHRISTIAN stopped me.”

Sexual abuse stands as one of the most devastating sins that human beings have devised, leaving deep scars and unspeakable pain. Victims of sexual abuse have had much taken from them; Jesus Christ and His church have much to offer in response.

Here’s the news where a christian teen was sexually abused by a 79 year old. Gordon Dean, 79, has been accused of repeatedly raping and sexually abusing the minor girl for seven years following which she got pregnant. The victim gave birth to a child, but years later he raped her child too.

The court also booked dean for physical abuse,stating that he has punched first victim in the face and warned her of dire consequences . Later the woman’s daughter also told police that how dean sexually abused her too.


  1. We Strongly Stand in Prayer for The Church of Christ in India and Pakistan, We also Thank God The Mighty Wave of Revival throughout the Region! May God Bless and Strengthen Bishop Anwar and his Team!!! Amn!


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