Rain doesn’t Affect their Faith, Christians in Shillong used Umbrellas to hear the word of God.


Dr. Paul Dhinakaran from Jesus calls Ministry, ministered the word of God at Shillong Prayer Festival in Shillong. It was organised from May 20-22. Speaking at the event he spoke on the love of God.

DESPITE RAIN, thousands stood in the ground not moving an inch to hear the word and showed their respect for word of the God. People used umbrellas in the midground and stood to worship God Almighty. To see such attitude of the christians in Shillong, is overwhelming. Praise Jesus for such stewards of the Word of God. It was wonderful to see thousands of colorful umbrellas and many more under them hearing Dr. Paul Dhinakaran Preach the Word.

Despite rain, hear wordDespite Rain, SHilong Christians Hear word

Jesus calls Ministry had been organising peace festivals across the country. More than 10,000 people attend the peace festival in Shillong and prayed for the peace and prosperity of the state. The spirit of the God was so strong that people could not resist but cry and submit themselves to the Lord Jesus. Watch the video here.


The meeting witnessed miracles and Healings, hundreds of people were healed and delivered.


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