Preeti Krishnan – A Devout Hindu Who Accidentally Read Bible And Accepted Jesus Christ

Preeti Krishnan – A Devout Hindu Who Accidentally Read Bible And Accepted Jesus Christ
Preeti Krishnan – A Devout Hindu Who Accidentally Read Bible And Accepted Jesus Christ

Preeti Krishnan was a devout Hindu. She prayed to the Hindu Gods regularly and feared them, as every Hindu did. She always believed in the thought of Karma, where she would get what she deserves.

Preeti joined one of the most prestigious Business School in India in  the year 2000. She always put a lot of pressure on herself to perform in her academics. After she joined the Business school, there were many others who performed better than her. Her grades to her seemed low and hence she felt low. She tried to please all her Gods and Goddesses by chanting “Shlokas’ to get them on her side. Nothing seemed to work.

One particular night, in August 2000, She sat in the late night, reading shlokas. Shlokas of one of her favorite Gods, Lord Ganesha, the idol with an elephant head. Every time she would close her eyes to chant, she would see a huge black Indian elephant charging towards her. She was psyched out! She tried many times, but every time she closed her eyes, the elephant charged towards her. She thought for herself that her favorite God is also angry with her. She grew desperate.

She looked around for another God that she could try to please. She spotted a blue Bible which she got it for free when she was in school. She opened the book  and started reading. She doesn’t recall what she read, but suddenly in a few seconds, she felt something tangibly flow right through her and lift off her burdens. She was saying, ‘Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!”   These were the phrases she was never taught to say, but she was saying them forth. She recall saying,” I am not afraid, Jesus is there”.

That night, she encountered the Love and power of Jesus Christ. She kept reading the Biblle to keep pleasing Jesus Christ. To giver her Gods sometime to get over her anger towards her. But the more she read the Bible, the more she was intrigued by the person of Jesus. Something within her started asking “Why not?” instead of “Why?”. I started talking to Jesus about himself and Jesus would answer her through the Bible or some other instances through an audible voice, sometimes through an impression in her heart. But always confirmed through his written word – The Holy Bible.

That same time, God had been pursuing her elder sister too with his truth. She surrendered her life to Jesus at an evening evangelical program at New Life Fellowship ( Their Home church in Bangalore,India). She called her next morning and told Preeti  very excited,” Preeti, I am born again. I gave my life to Jesus. He is real and alive. My sins are forgiven.”

She told Preeti repeatedly about her sins being forgiven. She said how Jesus took all her sins away. She told that Preeti too had to be born-again. So, Preet told her that she would ask Jesus about being born-again and if He Himself told me so, I would consider. So, she, as habitual to her by this time, asked Jesus, “Did You really want people to be born-again? This born-again thing sounds like a cult to me. Let me know where it is in the Bible.”

A few days later, she sensed an impression in her heart:
“Read John 3.” (i.e., read chapter 3 from the Book of ‘John’ in the Bible)

There it was… “born-again” in red! She wanted to be born-again and enter His kingdom simply because Jesus had said so in the Bible. She wanted to do anything He would ask her to… He had been so good to her, ever since that night He flowed through her and protected her. The more she read the Bible, the more she could see her own sinfulness & the need for a Savior.


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