Pope Francis Calls To Curb Islamic Terrorism


Pope Francis appealed Christians and Muslims in Kenya to be like Prophets of Preach in the world sown by hatred. He addressed the huge crowd, by giving call that all Muslim and Christian spiritual leaders must act as Prophets and must unite people to curb terrorism.

He expressed his grief that the unnatural and inhuman activities are being spreaded to African countries as “Fire in the Forest”. The Somalian based “Al Shabad Extreme Group” and “Boko Haram group” which are affiliated to ISIS are trying to attack the innocent Christians, church places in Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe and in all other African countries. Reports say that they are targeting the women, children and muslim brothers who differs with them.

Pope further said interfaith dialogue is not luxury or optional but is simply essential. We must not forget that whatever the problem might be, it can only be solved by engaging into a dialogue. He specified Religion must never be used to justify violence, Islam never preached and encouraged killing of innocent people. In his remarks, Francis referred explicitly to the recent attacks claimed by the Somalia based terrorist group.

Francis made the comments in a meeting with Kenyan Christian, Muslim and other leaders where he also delivered a major environment speech to the UN regional head-quarters in Nairobi.


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