Patriotism & Nationalism, What Patriotism means to Christians in India

Patriotism & Nationalism for Christians in India
Patriotism & Nationalism for Christians in India


Now a days the entire country is divided and deeply dipped in discussions regarding Patriotism & Nationalism. The Suicide of Vemula Rohit led to all such controversial topics from village to Delhi level and increased the heat in national politics.

The actual aim of Dalit’s, BCs, Communists and other student unions agitations is to raise voice against Human Hanging. But unfortunately, the political parties are taking advantage of the situation by entering into these issues. Few outside sympathizers of Naxals and terrorists have joined hands and took the situation to a disastrous level.

However, Christians never made any statement against the country at any time. They were always loyal to the governments and expressed their dissatisfaction peacefully. No one can question the patriotism of the Christians in this country. But instead, other communities have expressed their Anti-Christian feeling many times. Several times Christian Pastors have been attacked & churches have been damaged.

They have always been neglected for the nominated constitutional posts by both state and central governments. During these times, they never raised any voice and showed any intolerance towards the governments or other religions. They always depend on God and pray to Jesus for their grievances.

Most of the Christians in the country are employees. They pay their taxes properly and exhibit their real patriotism towards the country accept our National Flag & National Anthem. Recently, Telangana CM Mr. KCR has stated that Only Christian Community People pray for universal peace and Love in their personal prayers and also stated that you cannot find such practice in any other religion in the country. They are never involved in Anti-national or Anti-Social activities and we cannot find any episode of a Christian found in any terror activities.
So to conclude, real patriotism does not lie in slogans but in paying taxes regularly and be loyal to national flag, national anthem & obeying the government orders.


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