Pastor Killed for doing God’s work in Tribal Village of Gulletivada, becomes a Martyr for Christ


Brother Vijay Kumar (Earlier called as Suri Babu) was killed on June 8th, 2016 by anti Christian elements for doing God’s work in Gulletivada, a tribal region in east godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. He was serving God and doing his ministry for last 5 years with these tribal people.


Pastor Vijay Babu, was trained earlier in 1990’s at Believers Church in Hyderabad, then he completed the training, he along with other person was sent to jaggampeta in East Godavari to start his ministry. He was assigned to that location, and he preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ in that area for a decade.

13487703_1133156020077017_1325012837_nlater, he moved away and started his own ministry in Gulletivada, a complete tribal area where people speak Koya language. Life was tough and serving God was even tougher. He was focussed and dedicated to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these tribal villagers. He even learnt Koya language to preach the Gospel to tribals.

on June 8th, 2016, as he was travelling through Tulasipakula in Chintoor Mandal in East Godavari, some unidentified anti christian elements slit his throat and hacked him to death. He lived with his wife and 2 daughters.

The memorial service for Vijay babu was organised on june 22nd, 2016 where wife prayed that who ever killed her husband be saved and accept Jesus as his saviour.

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Police is investigating the case, we pray that the culprits be identified and brought to justice. We pray for God’s protection over their family and May Jesus be father to the fatherless childress Amrutha and Blessy Deevena.


  1. God will protect the family….. Pastor …. we praise the Lord for your life and your scarifies will not waste.. Amen..

  2. Hi Admin brother,
    Praise The Lord
    Peace be unto them
    Is that sister is working any were ,May the Lord bless their family.
    Can you send details more about their family,We can some how help them Financially ,let our Lord Jesus Christ Name glorified.

    • Sure Francis Jay, I will share the number of someone, who can put you in touch with Pastors Wife and their children. The leaders organised a Memorial service on June 22nd, I will keep you informed, Can u please share your number with thru a message us on our FB page, i.e fb/christiansvoiceofficial then we can really help the family.


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