“LET HOPE RISE”- A Christian movie by Hillsong to inspire Christians in their faith!


“Hillsong:  Let hope rise” is  so much more than just a film, about the most famous Australia-based Christian band  . It explores the miraculous rise of prominence of Hillsong from a tiny church in Sydney suburbs to an international ministry.

The film is a complete theatrical worship experience and showcases the on-stage energy and the off-stage emotions of the band. The taglines of the film are becoming so popular. Some of them include, ” Its not about them, its about him”, “They’re changing the world, but the world’s not changing them”.

Hillsong – Let hope arise has launched two trailers.


The movie is worth watching and will be a definite blessing. Music lovers will love the film.

Director: Michael John Warren

Distributors: Pureflix



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