Kristine McGuire – A ghost hunter to a Gospel preacher, testifying the miraculous power of God


Kristine McGuire has been raised in a Christian Family, but yet had her interest towards the dark world. Ghosts, witches, haunted houses an any thing that is spooky caught her interest. She started playing occult games with her friends at sleepover parties and had always wanted to become a psychic or Gypsy fortune teller.

She knew what she was doing was against the Bible, but ignored many scriptures and followed only the ones that seemed are in favor to her.

Kristine attended to a Christian college, met a Christian man and got married to him. They both were very active in the Church and served God in many ways. As she worked on  to make sure that her family was always happy and on track, she lost her vital relationship with God. While searching for books in the library, she found a book named Ariadne’s Thread: A Workbook of Goddess Magick. It contained all the information centered to witchcraft. She took the book home, read it cover to cover and practiced some of the recommended exercises. The response she received from the Goddess was immediate and welcoming and Kristine got thrilled by it. She indulged in practicing witchcraft that unknowingly made her leave Christ and broke her marriage too. They separated for five years.

But thankfully Jesus never let her go easily. She battled between Christ and witchcraft and wanted Jesus without rules. She ended being a Christian witch and a Ghost hunter. Years later, Kristine and her husband have reunited. Having told her husband that she is practicing witchcraft and doing paranormal investigations, he never condemned her. His response was to pray!kristine-thom-mcguire

Her Husband kept praying for her. And one day, when Kristine was meditating, she became aware that there was a demon in her house. Later, as the investigation proceeded, she had an  overwhelming urge to command the demon to leave in the name of JESUS. Usually she never used that name, but with an unknowing urge she commanded the demon to leave in Jesus name.

She received a mail later, which had an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) attached to it. On it you can hear her commanding the demon that also a non-human scream followed by it. She was startled  by the email and immediately sent it to her husband who is an audio engineer, to check if it was a fake EVP sent by her team to make fun of her.  After checking everything, he said it was not fake.

She was stunned.It was as if a dark veil had been removed from her head. God’s truth broke through the malaise of deception. In tears, she confessed her sins and renounced all she had done as a witch and a ghost hunter. She recommitted her life to Jesus and was set free.

She’s now a Gospel preacher and an author who serves Christ!


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