God is never late, he’s always on time! Story of Kirk Martin, who tried to sell his soul to the Devil


Heavy metal rocker Kirk Martin was a very popular musician. People were fond of his metal music. There was a big rush to his concerts.

But his fame remained only to the on-stage environment. Off-stage, he was a very mean person. ‘Smile’ was a new word to him. He was rude to everyone and quarreled with people who even wished him. The reason for this behavior was that he had experienced sexual molestation when he was a young boy. Though he never shared that experience with anyone, it ruined his life and he also violated others.

His behavior had annoyed his band members, who bore Martin for a very long time. They finally left him.

Martin was very disturbed since he lost his band. He not only lost his only source of life, but his passion too. He was then influenced by the evil forces. Martin made an agreement with the devil.

Then, just as he was about to sign the record deal, for which he had sold his soul, he had an encounter with a mysterious stranger.

One day, Martin was sitting in a cafe, and a man entered the cafe and sat beside him. Martin spoke bad to that person too as he would speak to others. But this man looked at Martin and said,” God sent me here to talk to you. He loves you. He was not responsible for that young man who molested you when you were a young child. Jesus is waiting for you to turn your face towards his home.“and left. The most mind blowing thing about the things the man said was that he even mentioned the molester’s names although Martin never shared it to anyone. Martin, then ran at the back of this man and as he followed him, the man disappeared.


And that night, when he was sleeping in his band truck; suddenly the truck shook so rigorously. Martin, literally felt the spirit of God entering the truck. As he experienced the Holy Spirit, he was totally renewed. His anger, rudeness and every darkness-related qualities of him left.

The very next morning, Martin woke up and saw that everything changed. He was a good person. A person of Christ indeed. His life started changing, he got new offers. He rather played music for God and worshiped him, became popular and is leading a happy and blessed life in Christ.

God knows his sheep and his sheep know him.  Nothing can stop you receive his will and plan for you!




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