Kirby de Lanerolle -He eats twice a year, says Man does not does live by bread alone…

Kirby de Lanerolle
Kirby de Lanerolle

“Mathew 4:4- Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God”

Kirby De Lanerolle from Sri Lanka has been living a life of a breatharian, which means a person who lives without food. His nourishment has been light and the word of God since the last five years. He says that there are energy sources that are greater than the food calories we put in our body. He states that anything can feed you if your energy centers are open. His consumption of food is rarely as ten times a year.

He runs a church named “WOW (Works of Wonder) life” which is the response to the wondrous works of God in that community of believers, predominantly based in India and Sri Lanka .  They minister in the prophetic and teaching office with forensic prophecies, healing, unusual signs & wonders confirming the Word! Kirby and his wife Fiona together lead and serve the group at large. They are different from the traditional way of following a religion and conforms modern evangelical Christianity.

He preaches on “grace” and also demonstrates supernatural signs and wonders through the power of Jesus Christ. “WOW” is a globally growing move that is empowering Christians across the globe to grow and glow in the word of God and the church is currently in India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, UK , Poland and USA.

Their motto is to teach the body of the Christ and be instrumental in helping the mature existing Christians. To be a ‘life solution’ to everyone regardless of religion, race, creed or cast.




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