She refused to convert to Islam, was killed by ISIS, becomes a martyr for Christ!


Kayla Mueller was an American aid worker who was enslaved for three years by the Former Islamic State (ISIS) and was killed during the Jordanian air strikes in early 2015. Her fellow captives, who were released, claim that Kayla held on to her faith while the captors tried to convert her to Islam.

This 25 year old girl has been kept as a slave and was reportedly subjected to verbal abuse, tortured and was raped by one of the ISIS leaders. Former hostage Daniel Rye, one among the captives, started to say ,” Oh, this is Kayla, and she has been held all by herself. And she’s much stronger than you guys. And she’s smarter. She converted to Islam”; For which Kayla’s response was,”No, I didn’t!“.

Kayla Mueller defended her faith on Christ, responding bravely to the most dangerous human beings on this earth. everyone were surprised by her bravery.  “I would not have had the guts to say that. I don’t think so”, Rye said.

Three other hostages and a Yazidi teenager, who were released by the group, also testified about Mueller’s courage. ” They would scream at her and blame her for everything that America has done”, said one among them, who shared a cell with Mueller. When they planned to escape and called Mueller, the only thing Mueller said was,” I am an American, they would come in search of me wherever I am. Its better you go without me“.

In February 2015, IS claimed Mueller was killed in an airstrike in Syria and emailed her parents, three photos of her dead body.

Her parents have now released the chilling video they were sent of their daughter, a month after her abduction. In the 10-second video, she introduced herself despite asking for any help. “I’ve been here too long, and I’ve been very sick. It’s, it’s very terrifying here,” she said while wearing a black colored scarf and green hijab.

Kayla is a brave woman who defended her faith and stood for Christ even when it came to the rate of her own life.


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