‘Joseph Colony’, a Christian Colony in Pakistan that stood for Jesus Christ and Proclaims His Word.


It is not secret to know that Christians in Pakistan face a severe threat to their lives for worshiping Christ. In a Muslim dominated country where the laws are totally against other religions, face life and death situations several times for professing their faith in public.

Many Christians are illegally booked for blasphemy and put behind bars. However, this one Colony, JOSEPH COLONY near Badami Bagh, Lahore of Pakistan, stood for Jesus and Proclaims God’s word in the region. It is known fact, that Muslim Mob torched several house in this Christian Colony and the Justice has not been delivered yet, as they wait for it.

Joseph ColonyJoseph Colony 2

The Colony which is occupied by Christians move to church every sundays and weekdays for prayer and worship services. Several meetings are hosted to take the good news of the gospel to the unbelievers.

Joseph Colony 3

Several pastors from The Great


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