Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven, Says Preeti Krishnan – A Devout Hindu


She never expected to believe in Jesus but that was exactly Preeti did. It all happened when she was studying at IIM, Lucknow (one of India’s Premier Management Institute), the Lord is now the centre of Dr Preeti Krishnan’s life. “I came face to face with my sinfulness and my inability to pay for the wrongs I had done. I saw my need for a Redeemer… a Savior… and for the 1st time realized that only Jesus had paid the price for all the sins of the world! As quoted in preetis personal Blog.

It’s only after receiving Jesus into my life as my personal Lord, Savior, and King, repenting of and turning away from my old sinfulness that I have truly started living  and enjoying my everyday life,” she said on her blog. Preeti, as he describes herself, was a “devout Hindu… prayed to my idol-gods regularly like most Hindus in the country, I lived with the thought of ‘karma’ where, I would get what I deserve.” After she joined the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, she tried hard to get good grades. “My grades to me seemed low and hence I went low. I tried to appease my gods through chanting ‘shlokas’ to get them on my side. Nothing seemed to work,” she said. Something happened later. “One particular night, it was in August 2000, I sat late in the night reading shlokas.

I was reading the shlokas of one of my favorite gods….but every time I would close my eyes to chant, I would see a huge black Indian elephant charge towards me. I was psyched out! I tried again, once again I saw the tusker charge towards me. I was scared and thought that this was the end of me. My favorite god was also angry with me. I grew desperate,” she said. She looked for a way out. “I looked around for another god that I could try to please! I spotted my little blue Bible (Gideon’s – free… got it when I was in school).

I opened the Book and read. I don’t recall what I read, but in a matter of few seconds, I felt something tangibly flow right through me and lift off my burdens. I was saying “Hallelujah. Praise God!” These were phrases no one had taught me to say… but I was speaking them forth. I recall saying, “I am not afraid. Jesus is there,” she said. The Lord was working in her sister’s heart around the same time.  “She called me early next morning and told me very excited “Preeti, I am born again. I gave my life to Jesus. He is real and alive. My sins are forgiven.” Preeti sensed she had to read John 3 which she did. She read about being ‘born again’. When she went to church in Bangalore, the pastor spoke about being ‘born again’. Preeti accepted the Lord as her savior and she is happy that she is saved.


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