Intolerance in India, and its Effect on Christians in India.


The problem of intolerance has reached its heights throughout the world. As a part of intolerance, the war of civilizations between Christians and Muslims are considered to be rising. The Jihad of Muslims and Europeans counter attack causing disaster.

Please know that, intolerance in India is not of today. In 1947 itself the country has been divided into 2 parts i.e India & Pakistan, and several incidents of intolerance has taken place. But fortunately our country portrays Unity & Diversity, so circumstances are in control even today. It is the greatness of our country.

Unfortunately, intolerance is gradually increasing in India also, as the religion is used as a vote bank for political parties. There are certain political parties which depend on the religion and polarize the voters for have garner the political power i.e. MIM for Muslims and BJP for Hindus in the state.

All the more, attacks on Christian Pastors in both states of Telangana & Andhra by Hinddutva organizations such as RSS, Bajrang Dal, Sri Ram Sena are well noticed. This is a nice example to show intolerance is escalating in India on the religious front. But Christians’ are such peaceful people who never indulged in attacks on others as Lord Jesus Christ never encouraged these sought of hate activities. Instead He preached,  “Love Your Neighbor as Thyself”, and Christians are seen practicing this all the time.

So Tolerance is the only solution and endless patience is required to establish peace according to Bible New testament.

If other religious people also follow the above principles of Lord Jesus Christ, you will only find peace in place of intolerance. We Christians should move forward with unity and peace to protect India by preaching JESUS to people during these times.

Jesus is the Only Solution to the growing intolerance in our Country. Preach Jesus and Preach Love.


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