Former RSS National Youth Leader, Now Preaching Gospel to Hindus and leading them to Christ.


Former RSS National Youth Leader, Now a Born Again Christian. Glory to Jesus !!

Dr Srinivas Bhattacharya (an Ardent Follower of Christ)comes from the 145th direct generation of the Sri Vaishnam Bhattacharya Priesthood community. He comes from a family of priests, even today his grandfather Raghu Bhattachary is the chief priest in Srilakshmaneshaswamy Devasthanam at Ponvanugalathoor. All his early life and childhood , he spent in hindu temples. He is now a bhattachary for Lord Jesus Christ, He says in his blog.

At the age of 6, he wore  the sacred thread of hindus and he was admitted to Hindu schools where Mr. Srinivas learned all the shlokas and read all the Vedas. He was so good in Vedas that he could recite them without books. He was then gradually admitted to the Sanskrit school to become a philosopher in Sanskrit and take the bjattacharya family forward and continue in the priesthood.

After finishing these things, he then travelled to north India to do a PHD from a popular Hindu University. Since he was very good with the Hindu Principles and knows all the Vedas and Sanskrit, he was made the RSS National Youth Leader. One day while he went to Hindu library to start his research on “How a man can reach the Kingdom of God”, he saw an old man with long beard hand him a small piece of paper with “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him shall have everlasting life” written on it.

He became restless and began to search day and night on those lines he wanted to know more about the Begotten son and the way to reach the Kingdom of God. I went to all my gurujis and asked them who is this begotten son. All they could tell me was that the begotten son is Krishna and Rama etc etc but nobody told me that Jesus is the only begotten son. Something in him was telling him to reah the “Rig Veda” and the very same words he read on the paper were written in the Rig veda.

Upon opening it what I read in Sanskrit was “Santhakaram purakasayanam, pathmanabam suresham, vishwakaram mekavarnam lakshikanthan yogikirtham vandal bishnumbam, survalokayika.” which means, “The God so loved the world , that he gave his only begotten Son of God that whosoever believes in Him will have everlasting life”

I was then invited to receive the gold medal from the president of India admist of all parlamentatians. I started my journey, booked the train ticket and suddenly I heard a voice asking me to get down at Madhya Pradesh station. I was little reluctant as I knew no one in that place, the voice become more strong and I got down. Once the train left the station, I was all alone on the platform and there was no one. As I walked, I saw the same old person with long beard who gave me the piece of paper 800 kms away. The only begotten son whom you are seeking is Christ. He loves you and forgives your sin and he is going to cleanse you from all your sinful natures. He is going to give you a new life”. When he said all that I could not control myself. Here was a very simple man, very old and ordinary, but yet filled with the resurrected power of the Lord, preaching the gospel to me. I humbled myself and yielded to that saint.

From there he took me to a place called Bidagarh. That is where the Narmada River flows into a very high velocity. We crossed the river and went to the other side where we could find no human beings at all. He took me into the forest and he took me inside a cave. With a great burden he knelt in the cave and opening the bible he started to preach the gospel. He told him how God created the heavens and the earth, the rivers and the seas, the plants and the animals and how he created human beings. He told him of the fall of man into sin and how the Lord Jesus Christ came into this world as the Messiah, how much He suffered on the cross at Golgotha and how he finally died  But here he found the Jesus came and died for my sins. Even Hinduism says very sincerely in the Samaveda, “Every man is a sinner and unless he is cleansed by the precious blood he cannot go into the kingdom of God”

After he returned to my home, my parents were really angry. Since we belonged to a priest community, all other hindus would look to us and learn from us. I was heckled and they sent me to some other priest who would wash me from what I learned. But while they were doing all these things, they said I became unsanctified and untouchable to them and they did not even allow him to enter the house.

He was then caged in a temple, where he was locked with idols who had eyes could not see, have ears but could not hear, have nose could not smell. He was abandoned for weeks in the temple with no one to help him with food. But He was praying that Jesus will come through for him and He did. Next morning few other bhattacharya came to open the temple. Upon seeing them Dr Srinivas ran towards them and told them about the Rig Vedas.

He said, “Come here. What does your Vedas say about God? What does Hinduism say about God? Who is true God in Hinduism? What are the characteristics of God mentioned in Hinduism? What does Hinduism say about how a man can go into the kingdom of God? Who is the true god that can bring salvation to mankind?

For example Om Shri brahmaputhraye namaha– what does this mean? The only begotten son I worship thee. Who is the only begotten Son? It is the Lord Jesus Christ. Om shri Martha Namaha– the Holy Spirit of God I worship thee. Who is the Holy Spirit of God? Again it is the Lord Jesus Christ. Om shri Kannisuthayeha namaha-which means the Lord who is born to a virgin. Om vidyshtayaha Namaha– the Lord who had the circumcision I worship thee. Om shri Panchkayika namaha- the Lord who had the five injuries for the sake of mankind. Om shri vriksh shula arudayaka nama vrisha pondha marthil shulathil siluthayil baliyanavare, umbaye nan namaskarikunen. Who is the Lord who died on the cross of Calvary? All this is our Lord Jesus Christ. Our God is not a dead God. It is true that he came as a messiah to this world. He preached the gospel. He cancelled the devils and the demons. He healed the sick people ad brought salvation to so many people and finally he died on the cross of Calvary, he was buried but he did not become sand. Om Shri mrithyu nayaya namaha meaning the Lord who resurrected from the depths of the Earth on the third day I worship thee”. By the divine grace of God 13 people accepted the Saviour. Out of them 6 took baptism. Today they are strong believers. All this God did for His glory.

Today all of them are strong believers of Jesus Christ and sharing the Gospel to other lost souls and serving God Mightily.


  1. “Santhakaram purakasayanam, pathmanabam suresham, vishwakaram mekavarnam lakshikanthan yogikirtham vandal bishnumbam, survalokayika.”

    Can you provide the reference in the Rig Veda? Sloka and verse? Thanks!


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