Extremists Stormed into Church, beat Pastor to unconsciousness during Live Church Service.


Christians in Uttar Pradesh have been attacked by Anti-Christian elements several times, and it is not wrong to say, that Christians in Uttar Pradesh are threatened and abused falsely with fake complaints, and with Political Influence.

In one of the incidents,  A church in northern India remains closed for more than a month now, after four masked Hindu extremists stormed the worship meeting and beat the 66-year-old pastor unconscious.

After the prayer and song at his church in naupur, suddenly these hindu extremists storm the church and beat the old pastor with bamboos and sticks, claiming forceful conversion. Pastor Ram, was beaten so badly that he had a 3 inch cut on his hand and was bleeding profusely and his hand received multiple fractures.

“They further claimed that because of the church and the preaching, all the sorcerers in the area had lost their businesses, as the people no longer believed in them but in Jesus.”

The members who joined for a meeting in a make shift tent, rushed to help the pastor, his wife Suhila Devi ran to help and she was also beaten. Church members have since been too frightened to attend the sunday worship services, said Pastor Ram, who has yet to completely recover physically and emotionally.

Hindu extremists in the locality had temporarily shut down our church earlier this year. On Feb. 28, Hindu extremist, Anti Christian leader Raj Bhar and four policemen arrived at a church meeting, stopped it, and took pastors Ram and Bahadur to a police station. on false allegations. Around 300 Christians showed up at the police station, saying they attended the church of their own choice & free will as they had found peace and healing in Lord Jesus Christ, and that nobody compelled or forced them, Bahadur said. The Christians persuaded police to release the pastors without charges.

One the same day, pastor Ram was beaten, 4 other pastors in Madhya Pradesh were arrested falsely accusing him of conversions. It was motivated by Hindu leaders.

All the more, Christians should be tried for sedition, the Hindu Extremists say:


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