Ex-Muslim Baptizes New Christians on the same shore where ISIS beheaded 21 Christians


Ex-Muslim Baptizes New Born- Again Christians on the same shore where ISIS beheaded 21 Coptic Christians in Libya and his story has now gone viral with over 2 million views on social media.. Shahid (not his real name for security purposes), is from Libya and grew up a devout Muslim.

Muslim convert Shahid has started a significant church-planting network across North Africa and Europe. According to LTW, Shahid has been sharing the love of Christ with Muslim followers and many have turned to faith in Christianity.Two years after leaving Islam, Leading The Way says Shahid has planted 11 churches across North Africa and Europe and is baptizing Muslim converts.

“As every Libyan, when I was a little boy, I used to go to the Koranic school (a place where teachings of Islam are instilled),” In his interview with Dr. Joseph Youssef, a Christian television and radio ministry that broadcasts in more than 190 countries around the world.

Shahid spent 14 years of his life attending Muslim schools, where a strict interpretation of Islamic jurisprudence was taught. He became an expert in the Quran, even memorizing the entire Muslim holy book. But the closer he examined the Muslim laws, the more he become disillusioned with what he read.


“Islam was completely exposed with its hidden reality,” Shahid said of studying Islam. “Little by little, I had serious concerns about Islam.” To get some answers to his questions, he sought the advice of friends and family. But they told him not to question his faith. They even became hostile.

“They told me there is a verse in the Quran that urges Muslims not to seek answers to questions about some things, as it may hurt them if they know the answers.”

The doubt. The questions. The inaccuracies of his faith tormented Shahid.” I lived in a struggle to know the reality for more than four years,” as quoted in Living The Way organisations video. Desperate and despondent, Shahid said he decided to abandon the faith of his childhood and become an atheist.

“I got to a point when Islam had no part of my life, and religion ceased to exist. It was around this time that Shahid came across Kingdom SAT, Leading The Way’s 24-hour satellite channel, which broadcasts across the Muslim world.

With the help of Leading The Way partners in the Middle East, Shahid secretly connected with Christians in Lebanon and Jordon and eventually was introduced to Jesus Christ.”I learned about who Jesus is and how to be a Christian. We studied how to live with Christ, fellowship with Him, and be part of the church.”

After several months of intensive Bible studies, Shahid said he “accepted Jesus’ salvation and got baptized.” Inspired with revelation of God’s profound love for him, Shahid said he felt compelled to share his new-found faith with his countrymen in Libya and others across the region.

“I COULDN’T KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT,” Shahid said. “I had to share Jesus with others.”

Shahid recently shared a picture with Leading The Way showing him baptizing new converts to Christianity on the same shores of North Africa where the Islamic terror group ISIS beheaded 21 Coptic Christians in February 2015.

“He is a free man,” Youssef said of Shahid’s testimony. “Most importantly, he is free in Christ!”


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