Christians outrage on Baba Ramdev’s misuse of the Holy Cross in his Patanjali’s Commercial Ad


Christians in India fury against Yoga guru Ramdev for the depiction of the Holy Cross in his recent commercial Ad regarding the promotion of his Ayurvedic products and the boycott of foreign goods. 

The recent commercial Ad shows a black-and-white clip representing the ‘Swadeshi’ movement  and then zooms the map  of India with three crosses protruding out. This very depiction has led the Christians to much anger. They therefore condemn the Ad proclaiming they have no objection on the boycott call but strongly object over the use of the Holy Cross (the symbol of Faith and Love) to show the British Rule in India.ram8_1471248579_800x420

Jerry Paul, Convener of the Sarva Isai Mahasabha, a Christian Organisation said that they wrote to Baba Ramdev, raising objections in this issue.The organization has also warned of a campaign to boycott the ‘Patanjali’ brand and take legal action if the advertisement is not taken down.

Such fanatic would definitely result in the increase attacks on the Churches and the Christian Community. This is not the first time Baba Ramdev has irked the christian community, while he’s certainly being a Salesman than a Yoga Guru. Fostering patriotism to sell his products is nothing new or wrong, while including religious symbols is simply intolerable.

He cited in an event recently that Christians did charity and also converted people. This also drew lot of flak from christian community at large in the country. This is simply unacceptable and he should withdraw with immediate effect.



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