Christians join Muslims in their Fasting during Ramadan for Peace in Iraq & Syria on Friday.


Chaldean Catholic Church based in Iraq is calling upon Muslims to fast and pray together with Christians on June 17th, Friday (During the Ramadan) for peace in the country. As the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan has started, the Chaldean Catholic Church is urging Iraqi Christians to join in prayers and fasting with the Iraqi Muslims, amid continued conflicts, which is affecting both Christians & Muslims.

Chaldean Catholic Church in a statement, has asked all Chaldean Christians based in iraq to fast on June 17, Friday with Muslims, in order to pray with one accord for peace and harmony during these troubled times. “In solidarity with the Muslims who fast during this holy month of Ramadan, we will fast and pray together for harmony,  peace and stability in our country and the region,” the official statement said.

Chaldean Church said in their statement that prior to devastation caused by ISIS, conflicts, insurgencies, humanitarian crisis; the church and Christians were also involved in benevolent both national and spiritual activities in the country. It was also briefed, that church has been involved in charitable activities for all regardless of religion.

Chaldean Catholics have been distributing food baskets and Blankets among refugees in hundreds of refugee camps; supplied medicines to make-shifts hospitals at the refugee camps and organizing “Iftaar” dinner for fasting Muslims during Ramadan. This time, the Church stated that it has decided to fast and pray on June 17th of 2016, with same zeal and fervor as Muslims have, and pray together in one accord “for peace in Iraq, Syria and throughout the region.”


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