Christians in Iraq Unite and Condemn Baghdad blasts near Christian Area claiming 125 lives.


Hundreds Bleed in Baghdad as ISIS execute their blast and claimed 125 innocent lives in the country.  The attack was targeted to instill fear and show their power that they can execute any blast in the region as claimed by ISIS.

The attack was condemned by Muslims across the globe, saying ISIS is not a Muslim Outfit and does not operate as per the principles of Islam. ISIS, they are NOT Muslims, one said in the interview.

Baghdad Blast 1Baghdad Blast 2

Christians in Iraq, who worship Jesus in their under ground churches unite and condemn this heinous attack that claimed several lives including children. Even though Christians in the region suffer at the hands of muslims, ISIS and have displaced more than 200,000 Christians from the northern region of Nineveh. Many are now in refugee camps in Baghdad, like the one where Father Dawood ministers to 150-odd families.

Let’s all come together with one Voice pray for Bhagdad Victims and their families. We Christians are with them even in these hard times.


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