Christians Gathered to Worship Jesus among the ruins of Demolished Church in China.


Christians Gathered to Worship Jesus among the ruins of Demolished Church in China, defying the Communist Chinese government’s anti-Christian drive. Christian leaders in China’ Wenzhou, Zhejiang province conducted a prayer meeting despite their church building demolished by the government officials citing violations.

Zhuyang Church, which was a government-sanctioned church, was routed as a part of an unprecedented church demolition drive. On May 20, the church was demolished by about 100 government officers, who took down the church building authorized despite the fact that it had the government authorization to operate.

Cross removd from building

Churches in China are cornered for all sides by the chinese government and taking the Christians head on. The reason to demolish the churches was that the churches are transforming people, says government officials.

It is reported that, more than 2,000 crosses have been toppled down from the church buildings in Zhejiang province on the pretext that they were too high and was in violation to China’ policy on buildings. In March alone, more than 50 churches were demolished in Wenzhou region.

Followed by the demolition of their much loved church’ building the church members staged a protest, theys were holding banners that bore strong sentiments of resentment. “We are strongly opposed to this brutal, violent forced demolition,” one of the Christian protester’s banner read.

Christians Religious matters were dealt with utmost care earlier, but now they don’t care at all, they said.


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