“Christians did charity but also indulged in conversions while Hindus Refrained from such practice”, Says Ramdev Baba


Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba, a so called Brand ambassador for Ayurveda said, “Christians did charity but also indulged in conversions while Hindus refrained from such practice.” while speaking at the 8th Spiritual and Service Fair 2016, Chennai. He attacked Christians saying, “people were often told to learn charity from Christians, but they also convert people along with it”.  He said Hinduism never discriminated against anybody, especially the dalits, as if Christianity DID, Mr. Ramdev.

Baba_Ramdev_Narendra_Modi_PTI_360Besides the Gospel preachers being attacked, threatened, captivated and even being burnt for preaching the “good news” in India and other countries ; Ramdev Baba’s inopportune and immature false statements regarding Christians afflicts the people and may cause way to religious disharmony among them.


(He says Hinduism never discriminated anybody in the country, yet he being a Hindu, has made a breach to this statement by saying , ” Control ‘Muslim’ Population in India.” )

“Truth is that the Christians never indulged in forcible conversions; it is the love, charity, righteous living and the word of God that attract people.” 
download (1)Its been a week since this statement been contrived by the Yoga Guru, and NOT a single Christian spoke evil against you concerning this issue and Bad Mouthed you., Mr.Ramdev! This is because Christians are been taught to love even an enemy. India is a secular state and every citizen has a right to promote their religion peacefully. It is always good for you to be polite and watch yourself while talking publicly in a country like this. Forgiveness is what Christians gift you, Mr.Ramdev. Peace to you.


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