Christians Assaulted in Chattisgarh – US Lawmakers in Letter to Modi

Christians Assaulted in Bastar
Christians Assaulted in Bastar

Day by day the pressure and intolerance has been increasing in the country due to the Government and other Hindu organizations such as RSS and other BJP Wings in Bastar (Chattisgarh) are causing damage to Christian Churches and minorities by imposing forced expulsions, intense pressure to convert to Hinduism, Ban on beef etc.

The above lines are mentioned in a letter by the US Lawmakers written to PM of India Narendra Modi recently. They also applauded the PM’s statement about religious freedom and communal harmony. They urged to turn these words into action and control RSS not to rub their sentiments on all forcibly. This is what the PM said in the Lok Sabha when questioned by the congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi.



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