“Christians are also equal citizens of Pakistan,” injustice is intolerable, Bilawal Butto


Bilawal Butto (Son of Benazir Butto) slams Lahore police for torturing 2 christians in Pakistan. Pakistan People’s party leader and also the co-chairman has taken the lahore police to task for severely torturing 2 christians. He condemned the police for their attitude and demanded the government to punish those policemen for their cruelty towards Christians, he claimed that they must be expelled and must be taught a corrective lesson. He clarified that any form of violence against christians will not be tolerated by PPP.

“Christians are also equal citizens of the country,” he asserted and maintained that injustice done to Christians is in-tolerable in Pakistan.

In keeping with details, 2 christians booked by the investigation wing of Lahore’s Shalimar Police over charges of fraud. While carrying out investigation, the police hung them upside down with a bunk and tortured them inhumanely. The other Christian brother was stripped naked and tortured. The Police subjected 30 year old faraz Masih and 40 year old Doya Masih to extreme torture.

Following media reports, the S.P investigations took cognizance of the incident and issued orders of dismissal of Hammad Butt – In charge of investigation, ASI Tariq, Constable Sadiq and Arif.


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