Christianity Grows in Cuba, More than 200 pastors Preach to Thousands of Locals.

Christianity in Cuba, has “grown in the shadows of their orthodox communist culture for many years,” according to the Deseret News.
With help from several Christian organizations, such as The Luis Palau Bible Institute and the International Bible Society, that Christian growth is continuing at a good pace. Those groups are distributing bibles and holding gospel-training sessions to help local Cubans gain biblical knowledge and know Jesus.
From November 2016, Cuba’s local ministries will offer on-site ministry training to local pastors for free. Christians in Cuba received more than 83,000 Bibles earlier this month from the International Missions Board. The Bibles come at a time of growth in the evangelical church in Cuba.
Bibles Distributed in Cuba
The Baptist Convention in Cuba is distributing the Bibles to believers in more than 1,000 churches all over the island. Bibles have not been sold in Cuban bookstores for more than 50 years. The only place people can get one is at a church. Churches have relied on Bible donations, which have had a hard time keeping up with the growing number of believers in the past few years.
Many of today’s churches and church leaders were born in the trenches and underground regions,” he said. “They are bold and persistent when it comes to taking the Gospel of Jesus to the unbelievers. They are undoubtedly a living example for others christian missionaries, committed to the scriptures and passionate about the Lord, Jesus Christ” said Dr. Carlos Barbieri, director of the Luis Palau Bible Institute.
Previously, the Luis Palau Bible Institute had been working with almost 40 pastors in Cuba with the desire to the lost being saved and born again.
“We have been training a very small group of Cuban leaders who can access our materials and training stuff online,” Barbieri said. “It has been a very small amount — no more than 40 pastors and leaders throughout the entire nation.” Now The on-site courses will reach more than 200 pastors.


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