Christian Organisation provides unconditional help to Flood-Affected victims in Bihar


Patna:  A Christian Outfit called Believers Church has decided to provide relief materials to the flood-affected families in Bihar, its Office bearer K P Yohannan said on Monday.

” We have earmarked Rupees 50 lakhs in order to provide assistance, including relief materials to (four thousand) 4000 families in various flood-hit  districts of Bihar State “, he said.

The Believers Church is a Christian Denomination with congregations Worldwide, and about 2.6 million followers in 10 Countries.

“It’s  our minimum duty to help these affected families and provide at least their basic needs like food,shelter, water and medical facilities. We are helping the families with the help of our disaster management team, in the best way we possibly can”, Bishop Juria Bardhan said.

The Volunteers of the Believers Church have reached out to 800 most affected families and have distributed relief materials that include food packets, tarpaulin, Chana and other essential goods. They have set up relief camps in flood-affected  districts and provided packaged dry food items like lentil powder, bread, jaggery and other eatables.

Food packets containing beaten rice, jaggery, sugar, jaggery, tea leaf, salt etc., and utility packets containing candles, matches, bathing soaps, washing soaps etc. will be distributed in these flood-hit regions, the Believers Church Bishops said.

He said that the Volunteers of the Believers church has set up relief camps in flood-affected districts like Kishanganj, Katihar, Ariara and Purnia in the first  week of the last month. In the second phase, the Believers Church of Patna diocese has proposed to conduct relief work among 3,200 more families in the six other flood-affected districts, he said.


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