Anti-Christian Elements Vandalize the Statue of Jesus Christ in Mumbai – Christian Persecution in India


While everyone had their attention towards the Canonization of Mother Teresa, a statue of Jesus Christ was Vandalized in  a Suburb of Mumbai.

A Crucifix on the road was seen vandalized in Mumbai on the 4th of this September. Catholic leaders in the city suspect that it is a hate act connected with Mother Teresa’s Canonization . The police have arrived to the spot and took away the broken pieces of the vandalized crucifix, before they made a record of the evidence. They are now taking statements.

As Mother Teresa’s Canonization was being taken place and being taken place, many anti-Christian groups in India  denounce the work of the Nun as a conspiracy to convert Hindus to Christianity. They say she was an agent of Europe to spread Christianity in India. Recently, one of the members of the ruling Bhartiya Jantha Party said Mother Teresa was a part of scheme to ‘Christianize India’.
“The time of the incident is worrisome. The police must thoroughly investigate the reasons and the intentions for such a destruction. We feel it is a mischievous attempt to provoke the community”, Dolphy D’souza, Spokesperson of Save our Land said.


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