AICMF calls for Nation-wide Protest against growing persecution of Christians in India, on 1st October 2016


All India Christians Minority Front (AICMF) in India have called for a mass movement on 1st October,2016. This is to protest the persecutions against the Christians all over the country. The AICMF formed in 2000, has been in dissent with the oppression on the community from a long time. Citing to the increase of abuse since the BJP the pro-Hindu party came into power, at the national level, AICMF has decided to raise its voice hard.



delhi-church-attacks“Since the BJP the pro-Hindu party has come into power, at the national level, the cases of persecution have grown. Some communal forces attached to the party are creating fear among Christians by attacking them and their places of worship. They accuse us of wanting to convert people.” Philip Christy, president of AICMF says.



Christian_protesters_demanding_justice_against_religious_intimidation_and_church_attacks_in_New_Delhi_Feb_5_2015_Credit_Fr_Savarimuthu_Sankar_Archdiocese_of_Delhi_CNA_2_9_15At least five Christians were killed and around five thousand people experienced brutal persecution in India, during 2014. Many Christian leaders experienced threat and some injured.





The AICMF is trying to get in touch with most of the Churches to gather as many Christians as possible. The protest would take place among all the 29 states simultaneously.










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