African Christians Attacked while they were going to All Night Prayer at Church, in Delhi


Kenneth and his wife Kate with their 4 month old son were attacked while on their way to attend an All Night Prayer at their Local Curch in vasant Kunj area of Delhi. She said, “It was the worst 10-15 minutes of my life. Our car was surrounded by armed goons. My husband was being beaten up. I held my four-month-old daughter tight, praying she doesn’t get hurt,” said Kate Igbonosa, 26, remembering the night of the attack at Rajpur Khurd village.

Kenneth’s wife, Kate, vividly remembers how she tried to protect her daughter from the shards of glass when the car windshield was smashed by the locals that night.

“Fortunately, the goons did not hit me. My husband managed to start the car and escape from that narrow lane,” she said. Kenneth said this was not the first time he had been attacked in Delhi. ”

Another victim, Leuchy, 32, a businessman, who came to the country in November last year, was going to a church with his brother Ben when they were forced out of the autorickshaw. This happened around half an hour before Kenneth was attacked.
“We were going to an All-Night Church service in Saket. We were in an autorickshaw when they stopped us. They beat us up black and blue. I have suffered a deep cut on my nose.”

A middle-aged shopkeeper, whose shop is located near the entrance of Maidangarhi village, recounts the horrific attacks. “I had not shut my shop. I could see villagers attacking Africans. Because my shop is located at the village entrance, I could warn the Africans,” he said, requesting anonymity.

Some locals, who claimed to have helped the foreigners that night, said, “Many victims live in Neb Sarai and Rajpur Khurd, so they had to pass through the area.”

Victims unsure how attacks started, While the police said the clash occurred because some Africans were drinking in public, the victims seemed to be clueless why they were attacked. “If somebody played loud music then they should be punished. Why would anyone attack churchgoers,” said Leuchy.

P.S: Christians Voice does not support any violence against anybody irrespective of their religion, nationality and caste. Since this involved Christians, we posted this. Please know that, Indian Government is strictly any violence on foreign nationals and the goons will be put to justice.


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