A CAVE turned into a Church to Worship Jesus in Egypt, 70,000+ gather every week to worhsip.


Cave church in Egypt is one of the largest church in the country, a place where more than 70,000 christians gather every week to worship and praise the name of Jesus.

Being in the Arabic world, surrounded by all Islam dominated countries, it is very hard to maintain the custom and continue their coptic culture. Yet, their uncompromising faith to gather and praise the ‘Name that’s Above Every Other Name’ “Jesus” in the Cave Church.

A special arabic song ‘Emmanuel” is sung by almost 70,000 in the cave church gives goosebumps to people to hear it. Watch the video here.

Churches in Egypt have seen their communities decline in recent years as Egypt has faced political turmoil, a slumping economy and a growing militant insurgency. The exodus of christians has intensified fears for the future for Christianity in the Middle East (Arab World), as some now worry for the fate of Egypt’s Christians, one of the world’s oldest Christian communities.Cave church 3 Cave church 2 Cave church 1

“Mostly they’re travelling to US to find better opportunities because of uncertainties in Egypt,” said Rev. Markos Ayoub, a priest who leads the Sunday liturgy at St. Mark in English. “It’s not easy to be a Coptic Christian in the Middle East these days considering the militant insurgency in Egypt.


  1. PRAISE GOD! This is powerful and encouraging. There are definitely Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST in every corner of this World! JESUS bless these followers of Your with power, purity and souls won to Christ! Guide and protect them and give them the grace to face whatever comes their way!

  2. Please tell me where is this cave church located. Beautiful place. I lived in Egypt, Suez Canal zone, for appox. 12 years and never heard about this place.
    Many thanks

    • You have to drive through Cairo’s Garbage City to get to it – find an Egyptian Christian to take you there. It will be an awesome experience, an indescribable impression of how God provides for his children – wish I could see it again!

  3. THEY are as Spirit filled and Raising their hands to Jesus, as much as any Pentecostal. There appears not to be any difference in the true church, just one church of those who love Jesus.

  4. Your annoying “Like us on Facebook” tab makes it virtually impossible to read the article. Please fire your UI designer.

  5. Am so touched…..real joy for the love of Jesus Christ. Am so proud and happy for Arab Christians because their faith is strong with opposition on all sides they’re are not perturbed…..we in Christian Nations need to do more! God be with you all….keep the faith.

  6. Comment:Tank u JESUS 4 increasing and strenghtenin christains all over d world who pray nd evangalize ur word daily to u be all d glory.

  7. Benjamin Franklin said, “God helps those who help themselves.” This is a testament to faith in fruition while in the face of danger. Even an atheist should know that Christianity is the only religion that works for good.


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