Christian Migrants Thrown Overboard By A Muslim Boat Captain in ‘Dispute Of Prayer’

Christians Thrown Overboard for praying
Christians Thrown Overboard for praying

A Muslim Boat Captain is on trial  in Spain for pushing six Christian People overboard for Praying, according to

Muslim Cameroonian immigrant, Alain NB, was the captain of a boat carrying immigrants from Morocco to Spain. While the boat was on the move, there was a sudden storm. The  Christians on the boat started praying for the storm to stop. The Journey took a deadly turn when the Captain pushed six Christians Overboard for praying!

The Captain implicated the Christians for causing a storm after praying. One of the passengers said that Alain NB blamed a Catholic pastor who led the prayers, that their prayer was the reason for the storm.  The Express Tribune said.

According to a witness, they badly wounded the Nigerian pastor and threw him overboard. They also stole the victim’s money in Thousands. The Cameroonians were aware that the victims could not possibly survive. They would either die drowning, from the cold or from the injuries.

The Captain is to face a 90-year prison sentence for the crime that came with a ‘Religious motivation’.