Anti-Christian Elements Vandalize the Statue of Jesus Christ in Mumbai – Christian Persecution in India

Vandalized statue of Jesus Christ

While everyone had their attention towards the Canonization of Mother Teresa, a statue of Jesus Christ was Vandalized in  a Suburb of Mumbai.

A Crucifix on the road was seen vandalized in Mumbai on the 4th of this September. Catholic leaders in the city suspect that it is a hate act connected with Mother Teresa’s Canonization . The police have arrived to the spot and took away the broken pieces of the vandalized crucifix, before they made a record of the evidence. They are now taking statements.

As Mother Teresa’s Canonization was being taken place and being taken place, many anti-Christian groups in India  denounce the work of the Nun as a conspiracy to convert Hindus to Christianity. They 525694-mumbai-cops-vandalisedsay she was an agent of Europe to spread Christianity in India. Recently, one of the members of the ruling Bhartiya Jantha Party said Mother Teresa was a part of scheme to ‘Christianize India’.
“The time of the incident is worrisome. The police must thoroughly investigate the reasons and the intentions for such a destruction. We feel it is a mischievous attempt to provoke the community”, Dolphy D’souza, Spokesperson of Save our Land said.