Indian BAND Covers 75000 Kms on Roads Sharing the Gospel of Christ in India | Joshua Generation


‘Joshua Generation’ is a Christian musical band from Mumbai,India. The team consists of about 10 members who play different instruments and sing to proclaim Jesus Christ. They conduct Worships camps, youth meetings  prophetic sessions and a wonderful Gospel band through Road Ministry.

‘Joshua Generation India’ has hit a huge milestone of travelling 75,000 Kilo meters across India, proclaiming Jesus Christ and bringing cheers to people by sharing the love of God, on road, by Tata Winger,. It was an extensive travel and a great testimony, going across villages, towns, cities, from Kashmir to Ooty (North to South) and from Mumbai to Dibrugarh (East to West). They have been doing this Road trip since 2010; A Road trip of Zero accidents from 2010 till date 2016.

The team thanked the Lord as the completed 75000 kilo meters, recently, on their Official Facebook Page for enabling them to complete this milestone of completing 75000 Kilo meters in Road Ministry,
14203330_1152444638138828_2378678315473318414_nThey carried all their instruments like Guitar, Keyboard, Jaw pads and Drum set along with them in their vehicle. It gave much freedom to stop wherever they wanted,at anyplace to give the Gospel and respond to any calls from Churches or Prayer groups. The Road Ministry, usually, have its own Challenges; Despite all those challenges, it was a huge ongoing success. The whole travel, stay etc., everything went low in cost. God is helping the
m to grow and glow in his light, helping them to spread the Word of God, across the Nation.14183896_1152450768138215_4198445581347549717_n

Being true Inspiration, The Joshua Generation band is blessing to the Nation. ChristiansVoice congratulates the young team and  praises God for his wonderful grace upon them.


Roney Maben: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Dynell Bangera: Lead Guitar

Isaac Lopez: Rhythm Guitar

Rohan Bangera: Bass Guitar

Raunak Joseph: Backing acoustic guitar

Anisha Serrao: Vocals

Divya Suvarna : Keys

Devyesh Gorasia : Backing vocals

Jim Israel: Drums

Caleb Ellis: keyboard and vocals.