2000 Christians in Dhaka pray together for peace in Bangladesh amid turmoil.

Christians in Bangladesh have come together for an agreement prayer meeting to pray for peace  and harmony in a country, which is hit by extremist violence by Islamic extremists.
According to ChristianToday.com, Catholic and Protestant Christians united under one roof for the prayer services which was organised in the Archdiocese of Dhaka and in the Diocese of Khulna simultaneously.
“Let us pray that this will become a country of unity, peace and harmony,” said Mgr Patrick D’Roazario, Archbishop of Dhaka, during the prayer service. “Let us pray that dormant humanity become aware of the present day violence in the country, murders committed in secret by extremists, and the persecution of Christians. May Almighty God bless their minds [the terrorists] so that they change their minds.”
Persecution, particularly directed at Christians and secularists from ISIS, as well as Hindus, Christians who make up only 10 percent of Bangladesh’s total population, has been increasing. As many as 40 people have been killed over the last three years by Islamic extremists.
Although ISIS and Al-Qaeda terror groups have taken responsibility for the brutal killings, government authorities maintain that the violence is due to local Muslim extremists.
During the prayer services, Christians leaders urged the government to do something about the violence, and ensure high protection during these difficult times.
“We live in dead fear because every day ordinary folks become victims of Islamic militants. For this reason, we urged Christian leaders to call on humanity to wake up,” Fr Kamal Corraya told Asia News. “All mankind cries because no one is safe in this country.”
“I feel comforted by this prayer,” said another leader from the prayer services. “I hope the terrorists stop persecuting us, and that we may live in peace.”


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