10,000 Pakistani Muslims Accept Jesus in One Night.


Revival in Pakistan: Pastor Anwar Fazal touching millions in Pakistan by sharing the Gospel in the Islam dominated country. Senior Pastor Anwar Fazal from Eternal Life Ministries (ELM) in Pakistan arranges a big Healing Crusade every Wednesday in Lahore, and thousands of People attend every week in Lahore. It is reported as the biggest Healing Meetings in Pakistan by far. Gospel will not stop, but it will go to the ends of the world.

At one rally in Pakistan 10,000 Muslims accepted Christ in one night, and over the course of the week-long rally there were many miraculous healings and more than 150,000 Muslims were saved out of 200,000 that attended. The personage of Christ himself has been appearing to Muslims across the Middle East in the form of visions, proclaiming that He is indeed the King of King and Lord of Lords, and that He will soon be returning to claim His throne.

The Work that ELM church does, and the incredible feeling of hearing 10,000 Muslims shouting, “Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” as they defy the certain death sentence imposed for those who leave Islam and accept Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour.

The number of Christians attending the meetings are very high. Generally Christians in Pakistan face persecution from the government and other officials. However, these brothers in Christ are persistent in their Faith in Jesus Christ. This short video is from 3 days Prayer Festival organised by ELM Pakistan shows the love these people have for Jesus. We pray that Pakistan would know that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.

Their Daily Broadcast in ISSAC TV is watched by thousands of Christians in Pakistan. It is by far the most watched Christian Channel in Pakistan.

We are One in Christ with One Voice and One Message, the message of Cross.


  1. This us what refer to as changes. I want to congratulate all the 10,000 Muslims for taking a great step to Christianity.
    To other Muslims, please accept Jesus Christ as your personally Lord and Savior before it is too late.

  2. For Christ sake dont tell lies how can muslims convert under blasphemy law. And by the ways thrre are not millions who attend the ground can hardly accomodated one thousand people! In the nzme of funds dont fool people of the West!!! You are answerable to God for making Gospel a fake yellow newspaper!!!

    • True or not: This news would never be reported just like the National March for Life is often not reported by mainstream media or if it is, a few seconds report way into the news. Also, the ‘culture of death’ media then report a few thousand older folks showed up with a strong protestor showing when in reality (been there in person many, many times to compare with mainstream news stories), there are hundreds of thousands of youth, young adults, every age who show up from the nation and international. IF there are protestors along the route and at the Supreme Court, they number in less than 10 but they have big mouths and fit our current culture so the cameras spot light on them. At least this is how it was the 5-6 years I went down there.

  3. I shared the post and I am being criticised for posting fake news. Is this website publishing authentic news especially of 10000 pakistaani conversion to christianity.

  4. Can you pleas till me what must I do in order to be saved and at exactly what point will my sins be forgiven and when will I receive the gift of the Holy Spirit/

    • To be saved, believe in your heart that Jesus Christ died on the cross as YOUR REPLACEMENT. He took your sins and God punished Him instead of you. Accept the gift and you will be saved.

      • Dammit man be precise XD

        So cliff fisher, one is saved when he believes with all his heart, body, soul and mind that Jesus Christ IS God and that He died on the cross so that your original sin would be forgived.

        BUT this is not all it takes. You need to repent. Go to an Orthodox Church, confess your sins to a Priest, attend there regularly and especially every Sunday morning. Read the BIble, start living by it. Apply faith to hope, then apply faith and hope to love.

        It won’t be easy. You may have to format EVERYTHING in your lifeand literally start over. “Friends” will leave you, “family people” will leave you. The kingdom of God is really a take-it-or-leave-it offer, you cannot cut corners.

        We are always with you. ANything you need to ask or wonder about, just tell us ^^ good luck Brother, Heaven rejoices that you converted! 😀

        • Go to groupbiblestudy.com and read the top two free studies called “Who is Jesus?” and “Why Did Jesus Die? Both studies together bring a clear understanding of the gospel. On top of that there is the whole gospel of John and the writer is nearly halfway through writing studies in the book of Luke. Other studies are on the Second Coming of Christ, the Holy Spirit and many others–all free downloads.

        • Nowhere in Scripture does it say to confess your sins to a priest in the new covenant we have with Jesus Christ. He is the High Priest.
          I would like you to visit this site and through scripture it will show you that we don’t confess to a priest anymore.
          I do love your first paragraph. It is spot on. I would only add that He will forgive all sins.

    • Cliff, Read Romans 10:9-10. You confess Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead. Then, as it says, you will absolutely be saved. That is the beginning. You are now a babe who needs to be fed so you can grow/mature in Christ. We confess the Savior from sin. Please remember that this is not a wilderness walk. Get plugged in somewhere with a group of likeminded believers. No need to seek out a priest any longer, but I know there are some who ascribe to that belief. You sin, you go to your high priest-Jesus and confess befor Him and the Father. You sin against a brother, make it right if you can. You are washed, you are cleansed. Now walk it out.😀

    • Cliff Fisher, Roman 10:9-10 in the N.T tells u how to be saved or born again.
      1. Ask forgiveness for your sins.
      2. Pray and tell God that you believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He was raised from the dead.
      3. Ask Him to take over your life and be Lord over your life.
      When you sincerely pray this and believe it in your heart, you will be saved. Salvation is a FREE gift of God. You don’t have to work for your salvation. Jesus said; ” Whoever comes to me will not be rejected.” Also, every sin that you have committed in your whole life will be totally forgiven and washed away.
      Then, each day, pray and if you can get a Bible start reading the New Testament first
      That is the recording of the life of Jesus and the founding of the church. Try to find a Bible believing church or group to receive strength and fellowship. Welcome to the family, brother .
      Write me if you can’t find a group of Christians. carolynron@comcast.net
      It is true that Christians are persecuted for our faith in some closed countries. But if we remain Faithful Jesus until the end, we will be in Heaven forever with Him.

    • Just pray to Jesus admit that you are a sinner and ask Jesus to come into your heart and save you and you will be saved at that point!! Trust Jesus to save you!! Believe that God raised Him from the dead and you shall be saved! He paid the price in full for EVERYONE!! All we have to do is BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND YOU WILL BE SAVED!! GO TELL SOMEONE YOU HAVE ACCEPTED JESUS AS YOUR SAVIOR! THE WORD SAYS TO CONFESS HIM WITH YOUR MOUTH! At that moment Jesus will come into your heart. The Holy Spirit will come in!

    • What you need to do is ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life. You need to believe with all your heart, mind, body and soul that He died on the cross for you. He bore the punishment that we deserved. Then you need to find a church that is based on preaching scripture. Scripture says that you must be born again in Spirit and in water. Jesus himself was baptized in water and as soon as he arose from the water the Holy Spirit depended upon him. When we ask Jesus to be the Lord of our lives we are also asking the Holy Spirit to come and fill us. So after you ask Him to be the Lord of your life you need to find a church and eventually be baptized in water. Please let me know if you need any other direction.

  5. So we are counting now? Is there a score board? I’m not even sure how to comment on this. So the fact that they are Muslims is a better thing than if they weren’t?…I truly cannot relate to this.

  6. By all means the gospel has to be preached all over nations and may God bless you Pastor Anwar Fazal for the great work you are doing pakistan and would like to encourage my brothers and sisters who have accepted Christ as there personal savior living in Pakistan that no matter the persecuation just hold firm to Jesus for our savior is coming soon and we shall be home where we shall see no more tears. And May God bless all the Christians living in Pakistan …… Stay firm in christ… we are getting soon , our Savior is coming to take us home

  7. When the fulness of that time came ……………………..Jesus christ appear,….hmmmm who God had sent no one stop

  8. It’s so pleasing to hear, just imagining that number of converts in a gathering is a testimony to the power of our God; it also gives me hope that such can happen in this Muslim dominated northern part of Nigeria. Hallelujah! Jesus is Lord.


  10. Glory be to Almighty God the unstoppable greatest revival is here i am happy that i am a partaker so if you have not received Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour do it now for tomorrow may be too late please do it today for hell await everyone who rejects the Son of God

  11. Jesus is Lord of the whole world whether the devil likes it or not. The Lord will preserve and keep them in faith till the Rapture. Amen

  12. This is a fulfillment of prophecy.
    God said in a prophecy that He will change the Islamic face of Pakistan to Christianity.
    Go ahead.
    I stand with you.

  13. This is such great work..keep posting to encourage christians that the journey is still on and Christ still fights for us.God bless

    • This is completely wrong news about 10,000 Muslims saved . Anwer fazal just need a Publicity ,then he will get more donations from Europe or America .
      Last year Anwer fazal came in Norway and he told to Norwegian government, Christians are fine and save in Pakistan ,No any problems for Christians, No any persecutions. When he will come in Europe always he talk lie . Lord please save us from fake Pastors like Anwer fazal.

  14. That Is Great, To God Be The Glory Always, matthew24:14
    and that gosple of the kingdom shall be preached to all the nations to be the testmony to all human race.

  15. I get goose pimples and my hearts pounds when I hear what God is doing in the Muslim communities every where. Welcome brothers and sisters into the family of God. Heaven is rejoicing. Halleluah

  16. God is GREAT. Let the glory be unto HIM, I humble my heart before Him, that His WILL be done on earth. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. He is Alfa and Omega AME

  17. Fire on brethren. Our Lord is coming very soon to take his own and judge the world. Now is the time to run like we have never run before. Now is our salvation nearer than when we first believed. No more time for slumber because very soon our Lord Jesus Christ will appear. Preach the gospel like never before. Live holy lives like never before. MARANATHA.

  18. Comment:teresa i think you love Jesus but you don’t believe this news because they are misusing the gospel. am i right? and please talk to me on fb search my fb with this number 8878643564 and then text me

  19. My friend a pakistan pastor says that this is all a fake. I will copy his words:

    “totally fake report if does then great miracle and war every where in pakistan”
    “sorry for that report from pakistan why people speak lie, i believe it will be but still nothing”
    “Just not disappointed every very danger for Christians people of pakistan who are leading simple life”

    His english is not that excellent but he is getting the message across. He is an honest pentecostal preacher whom I happen to support and I sent him this article to hear him verify it. I dont know what to think but my friend has always geen an honest and straight man.

  20. Not all christians are true christians..and if any have a doubt in was written in the bible you can visit this blogsite http://www.controversyextraordinary.com or just keep on praying in finding the truth
    Proving that the bible is the Word of God and the authenticity of It…this book was written 750 BC
    In isaiah chapter 40 verse 22 it was written there that the earth is circle .and that is anordinary wisdom of man to know the heavenly bodies.

  21. GOD is very great and mighty !! HIS Love and grace to save the People today in Pakistan is so wonderfull !
    Thank You Lord JESUS for this many new brothers and sisters there ,who coming into Faith to You Lord !! Hallelujah !!

  22. Hallelujah !! GOD loves the People in Pakistan !! Thank You Jesus for so many new believing brothers and sisters, who give their Lives to Jesus !

  23. Now they need to be disciple, so the word of God does not fall to the ground. Who is going to teach these people the word of God? This is very important now that they have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

  24. God operated by Blood Covenants, or referenced as Testaments. The Bible is primarily about two of those Blood Covenants:
    1: God & Abram. The ceremony includes a name change. Notice the first references to God now becomes “The God of Abraham” and Abram becomes Abraham. Research this
    2:Jesus Christ. We need to understand, acknowledge and accept the Blood Covenant Jesus established on the cross that day as it all aligns to the steps required of a Blood Covenant agreement.
    When I learned of this truth it totally transformed my understanding of the Gospel, the good news. Jesus Christ reset the curse out on all mankind from Adam and Eve to restore us, to put us in the right standing with God.
    Research more on Blood Covenants and it will all become crystal clear and extremely simple to translate to the non-believers.
    God Bless

  25. If only one person was saved, Jesus would say it was worth the sacrifice He gave on the cross for that person. He loves each one of us that much. God is Love. Please Christians be loving in what you write.

  26. I am a career missionary in Ecuador, I have seen similar claims about events that occurred in South America. the personal blogs and Facebook posts showing phenomenally high percentages of responses to the gospel message and many claimed healings. I have seen what happens with the people after the events: The people become “un-healed” as their medical condition persists. People declared “saved” return to the exact same life they had before being “saved”. Local churches report there are no increase in the number of people who attend.

    Highly charged emotional events/campaigns are effective in eliciting a momentary emotional response but not a life long spiritual change. Please be discerning, do not get caught up in the emotional hype and do not automatically accept claims of spiritual revivals, mass healings, and mass conversions. Wait and see if those declared “saved” persevere in their faith before calling them “saved”.

    • Totally agree with you. Many times these kind of revivals are based on flippant emotional decisions and there is no follow up with those who make decisions and then they fall back into sin and were never really saved to begin with.

  27. Excellent news! I am confused though since this is being presented as “news” and it’s clear from the video that this occurs in 2014. So what has been the result since then? What follow-up has occured? How many churches have come out of this or report increases in attendance? I am just most curious as to this being solidly a great thing in Pakistan. Is there now more or less persecution of Christians there? What is the “current” result?

    • There are more than 100+ ministries in pakistan, who are sold out for Jesus. Pastors as young as 27 years are into Full time Ministry, serving the Lord.


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